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"Chris is the best. He’s a thoughtful and thorough editor, a professional who delivers on time and on budget ... and on top of all that, he’s personable and easy to work with. Drop him a note — you’ll be happy you did."

— Lauren Ford


"From her own writing experience, Ginny brings a love of words and empathy for her author. I found that she embraced and enhanced my voice, allowing me to appreciate a richer version of my own writing. While she was flexible in discovering the appropriate character response to a wide variety of scenes, she was persistent in keeping the plot moving decisively without distractions or missteps. Many good editors can deal effectively with typos, grammar, and punctuation, but a gifted editor provides a fresh eye to uncover issues and choices that an author may miss. I feel fortunate to have found Ginny and I look forward to her stewardship in my future work."

— H. Peter Alesso


"Chris was easy to work with, delivered on time, and provided explanations behind his suggested changes. I really appreciated his keen eye and thoughtful edits. Most importantly, he respected my voice and style, making my words even better. I’m looking forward to working with Chris on the next book in my series."

— Ellen Jacobson


"Putting your book in the hands of an editor, especially a structural editor, requires that you trust their writing skills. Ginny Ruths did such a good job that my dad felt the story was his. It sounded so much like his story that he asked if she changed enough (she restructured the whole thing in an amazing job). Ginny turned our book from a collection of stories and notes that I knew were great but I had in the wrong order into a compelling memoir that my dad thought was the original. She was able to help pull out the narrative and tone and enhance it with explanations as needed. We interviewed and spoke with ten editors before choosing Ginny. She was worth every penny we invested."

— Liz & Albert Miller


"Ginny was able to improve the quality of my work without losing my style of writing. Throughout her work, she was very professional, catching every detail, asking the right questions, giving valuable suggestions, and polishing the work within the framework of my vision for the book. She has delivered more than what she promised in the contract."

— Helen Huang


"Chris did a fantastic editing job for my romance. He was quick and on time. His technical corrections—both on grammar and subject matter—helped my writing and story become stronger. I highly recommend him for copy-editing, and will be using EnglishGeek Editing again in the future."

— Elle Rush

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