Ginny Ruths

“I got vision, and the rest of the world wears bifocals.”

— Butch Cassidy

​You have a vision. You know who your characters are, where they’re going, what you want your story to say. But sometimes your vision keeps you from saying it effectively. That’s where the developmental editor comes in: I work with you to develop and enhance your voice, to help make your writing the best it can be.

Character and plot development, organization, flow, style, pacing, clarity, and consistency are all critical aspects that might slip past your attention as you focus on telling your story. With my outside perspective, I take the big-picture view of your manuscript to help you polish the strong parts, identify areas that need more work, and offer suggestions for improvement.  I bring my passion to every project, just as you do, but with a side of objectivity that lets me highlight possibilities and choices you might not have considered.

Good editing is a collaboration between author and editor that makes your manuscript stronger and more readable. I’ve been a developmental and line editor for 30+ years. Engaging my passion and expertise in your writing will help you bring your vision to life.

Chris Brogden


The geek of EnglishGeek Editing, I’ll bring an obsessive attention to detail to copyediting your work. English is full of fun and messy elements that can gum up your story. It's my job to know the rules—and when it's time to break them.

I have a master of arts degree in English, and have read extensively across genres. Through experience I know when to make changes, when to query, and when to leave the language alone. I’ll work with you to build your book up, not tear it down. Your time is important to me, and once we agree on a deadline, you can rest assured I’ll meet it.

It's gratifying to see writing I've edited go on to be published, both in print and online. You have only one chance to impress a publisher or reader with your story. Let me help you create a clean, polished, and exciting manuscript so you can send your best work out into the world.

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